Chapter 94 Wrath of the Desert (3) .

Chapter 94 Wrath of the Desert (3) .

Chapter 94 - Wrath of the Desert (3)

“The monsters are coming.”

“Get ready to fire!”

The terrorists were optimized for travel since they had to be ready to run away from the bombardments. The vehicles were equipped with various weapons, including machine guns.


Black smog was emitted as the ignitions were started. As the vehicles took a sharp turn, they pointed their vehicles towards the desert outside the base.

“Shoot them!”



Several hundred bullets flew through the air, striking the Skeleton Soldiers. When one hit the Skeleton's skulls by luck, the Skeleton Soldier was destroyed. However, this only occurred to a small fraction of the Skeleton Soldiers.

Moreover, the Death Knights riding on top of the Phantom Steeds didn't receive any damage.

“Bring the rocket launcher.”

A henchman quickly brought a RPG-7, aiming it at a Phantom Steed before firing.


The warhead cut through the air towards a short Death Knight with an imposing presence. His Phantom Steed started running more fiercely.

[Ramson-nim is taking the field!]

He was a great warrior of the dwarf race. Ramson swung his large hammer.


The hammer collided with the warhead and completely absorbed the entire explosion.

Ramson possessed an innate skill called 'Shock Absorption.' The skill...

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