Chapter 93 Wrath of the Desert (2) .

Chapter 93 Wrath of the Desert (2) .

Chapter 93 - Wrath of the Desert (2)


The first thing he saw was the scraps of meat scattering from the explosion.

Then, his Spirit Armor activated and the barrier of souls formed to block the shock wave.

It didn't block repulsive force, therefore Woojin's body was flung backwards, after which it was embedded into the hotel's wall.

The explosive must have been quite powerful, since three cars that had been passing by Woojin was engulfed in the explosion. The overturned vehicles brought on a secondary explosion.


The dust from the crushed bricks settled on top of Woojin's face.

He hadn't suffered any damages from the explosion. He hadn't receive any damage from being thrown against the wall either. The Spirit Armor had blocked everything.

Since the dust from the bricks weren't counted as attack, the Spirit Armor hadn't activated.

His body was fine, but he did receive some shock to his psyche. Woojin dumbly laid on the ground.


It had only been couple months since he had returned to earth. However, everything had turned out like this.

He welcomed it, but at the same time, he felt bitter about it.

The clear soul floated up in front of Woojin's eyes.

Her heart had been beating only a moment ago... Now, not even a corpse remained of the girl with the ridiculously clear soul.

[It hurts, ahjushi.]

It must be painful.

[I'm scared, ahjushi.]

Color started dyeing into the girl's clear soul by small increments. It was as if a black ink was dropped on her soul. It turned gray, then black. It started to turn into a darker shade of black...

[Save me, ahjushi.]

He was tormented by his inability...

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