Chapter 92 - Wrath of the Desert

Chapter 92 Wrath of the Desert .

Chapter 92 - Wrath of the Desert

Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

Commanding general David Gates got off the phone with the Minister of National Defense and gathered his officers.

There was only one topic to discuss within this meeting.

“Currently, a Korean citizen Roused is on the Titan guild's private plane, and he has information on the missile terrorist attack carried out on the US soil.”

“It must be that Korean who stopped the terrorist attack.”

“That's right. He wants to track down and take revenge on the people responsible for the attack, and he is requesting help from our military.”

The chief of staff immediately asked his question after hearing general David's words.

“I know he is a Roused, but warfare is dangerous. If we don't work well together, the joint operation with the civilians will put us in more danger.”

He was basically saying a stupid ally was more dangerous than the enemies. It would be more dangerous if this Roused put too much trust in his puny abilities.

There was no guarantee that a Roused wouldn't die from a bullet. The battlefield was a place where a bullet...

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