Chapter 91 Heading Towards the End (4).

Chapter 91 Heading Towards the End (4).

Chapter 91 - Heading Towards the End (4)

‘What did I just do?’

Lee-sahngho became surprised after he entered the Dungeon.

He belatedly realized what he had done. He felt a rush of regret, but it was too late to turn back now. After the barrier formed, he wouldn't be able to just walk back out.

The only way was to clear the Dungeon and find the Return Stone.

[No. If you accept my offer, you can get out of here easily.]

“W...who are you?”


The laughter rang inside his head, giving Lee-sahngho the shivers.

[If you want power, then come to me.]


In front of Lee-sahngho's eyes, a red portal was formed.

‘It formed even though I hadn't killed all the basic monsters?’

The portal that gave access to the true high rank Dungeon appeared only when all the monsters inside the subway station was killed. However, as soon as he entered the Dungeon, the portal had formed.

To be precise, the mysterious voice had created it.

Unless Lee-sahngho was an idiot, it was hard not to notice what had happened.

‘This being is capable of controlling the Dungeon.’

He had no idea, who this was.

He wasn’t sure if this being was a god, a devil, or an alien from outer space. However, he knew this...

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