Chapter 90 Heading Towards the End (3).

Chapter 90 Heading Towards the End (3).

Chapter 90 - Heading Towards the End (3)

 The Holy Maiden stood in front of her goddess' statue.

“Oh, my goddess. Do I really have to go?”

She kept telling herself that she was going to go. However, she kept pushing it off until several days had passed.

Moreover, it seemed her destiny was fated to flow towards him. The Immortal had asked for the Titan Guild's cooperation, and they were about to head towards the Middle East to quell a terrorist organization.

It was as if he was waving at her to come towards him. She felt an uncomfortable feeling in her heart.


It wasn't as if she could refuse to go. Even now, she felt her goddess' statue observing her, and there was an uncomfortable feeling inside of her heart. Her goddess had been the one to guide her to Earth in the first place.

If she wanted Melody to go to the Immortal, she must have a valid reason.

Maybe he really might be the person to save Alphen.

“I'll go.”

When she made her decision, she thought she saw the goddess' statue smile or was she mistaken?

After the Holy Maiden made up her mind, she immediately passed on the goddess' oracle to the Titan's guild master. This caused Deacon to immediately come meet her.

“You can't.”

Titan Guild had poured so much resource into the Holy Maiden, yet she was going to leave now? How was this acceptable?

“That is what the divine...

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