Chapter 89 -Heading Towards the End (2).

Chapter 89 -Heading Towards the End (2).

Chapter 89 -Heading Towards the End (2)

 The core members of Alandal sat around a table within the president's room. They were arguing about whether they should pour the sweet and sour sauce over the fried pork.

As the president, Kahng-woojin had the final say, but this horrible situation developed because he had said, 'I don't care.'

At Soonghoon's insistence, they started doing rock-paper-scissors, and the Dip the Pork Sect won. Woojin, who had watched this all unfold, yelled at them to 'just pour the sauce', so the sauce was poured over the dish of fried pork. This elicited a yell of victory from the Pour the Sauce and Eat It Sect.

Woojin was mixing his jajangmyeon when he saw Minchan just sitting there doing nothing. He pointed towards the bowl of jajangmyeon with his chin.

“What are you doing? The noodle is going to get soggy.”

Instead of picking up his chopsticks, Minchan let out an aggrieved sound.

“President. Why do you always have to do this to me?”

“Do what?”

“Do you know what breaking news is on right now on CCB?"


Woojin mixed his jajangmyeon, then he took a big bite.

“They are saying the US government, Titan, and Alandal are forming a joint counter-terrorism unit.”

“Is that so?”

Woojin picked up a piece of fried pork soaked in sweet and sour sauce. He dipped it in soy sauce and ate it.

Mmm. This place was quite delicious.

“Even the people over there have cheap lips. It hadn't been too long yet they are already talking about it on TV.”

“President. You can't be so laid back right n...

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