Chapter 88 - Heading Towards the End

Chapter 88 Heading Towards the End.

Chapter 88 - Heading Towards the End

He had finally reached this point.

He wasn't alone anymore. He had comrades to share the battlefield with.

However, it was too early to let go of his nervousness.

The time for peace and freedom was still far off.

72 Commanders. Moreover, if he defeated Trahnet, who no one had seen before, then would a period of peace arrive?

“Now I'll be able to hunt easily.”

Each individual Death Knight would have the authority to command.

They had enough Charisma to control the Skeletons, so even if Woojin was far away, the Skeleton Soldiers would come under the jurisdiction of the Death Knights.

When he thought about his future hunts, which would be much easier from now on, he felt as if level 80 wasn't that far away.

If the Lich Janis was unsealed, he wouldn't even have to worry about leveling up. The Lich was quite proficient at hunting everything at once.

“The Control being used is continuously decreasing.”

The Control needed to keep Al Assad in line was decreasing rapidly. It seemed Kiba and the other Death Knights were properly educating the new recruit.

When he thought about them bickering within the Summoning Room, it made Woojin smirk.

Sunggoo's hunt was almost at an end. Woojin started to take out the cooking utensils from the Inventory began preparing the ingredients he was going to cook. He was in a good mood. He started a fire and hung a pot over it.

He dismembered a dead water buffalo. As he was separating...

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