Chapter 87 Guild Expansion (5).

Chapter 87 Guild Expansion (5).

Chapter 87 - Guild Expansion (5)

Minchan was very busy.

As if Woojin felt a little bit sorry for Minchan, he promoted Haemin to director. Then, Haemin was tasked to help Minchan with his work.

The internet, TV news, and newspapers were in an uproar.

The fact that the negotiation hadn't been finalized wasn't a big deal, but the deal was revealed to the public ahead of time at the guidance of the government. Only after couple hours, Alandal had denied agreeing to the deal and caused a huge ripple.

[Kahng-woojin Already in Negotiations to Immigrate to the US?]

[Korean Government Rejected.]

[Korea Lost an AA Rank Roused.]

[Hwarang Guild Master. The 3 Great Guild is Enough to Defend Korea.]

[Japan and China keeping an eye on the situation. The need to find a new AA Roused.]

New articles kept pouring out within several minutes of each other, and it was almost impossible to sort through them all. Minchan didn't respond to any new articles published by the media. He only responded to his new contact from the government.

“No. Our president is resolute in his intentions. There is nothing to reconsider.”

They thought this was a negotiation tactic to draw out more favorable terms. However, Alandal's intention was firm. Woojin would never consummate a defense contract with the government. The only thing Minchan could do was deliver their intention...

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