Chapter 86 Guild Expansion (4).

Chapter 86 Guild Expansion (4).

Chapter 86 - Guild Expansion (4)

Woojin headed towards the part of the forest that hadn't been destroyed with Sunggoo. Sunggoo's pouting lip was a foot long as he sulked.



“Why don't you teach me any magic?”

Woojin smirked when he saw Sunggoo sulking.

“You didn't have to have the ability to be able to learn it.”

“…I don't mind attending hyung-nim for the rest of my life. I'll run small errands and excavate all the bloodstone.”


“Please teach me one Fire-type magic. You know about my dream.”

Flame Magician.

When he had become a Roused, this had been his objective and greatest desire. He had learned several flame-based magic, but he hadn't learned anything that would be considered a high rank magic.

“Can't you just buy a magic scroll and learn it yourself?”


Why didn't he ever think of that?

Sunggoo had become too used to doing everything with his body, so he had only done what he had been ordered to do. When Sungoo realized this, he was surprised, and depressed.

Woojin patted Sunggoo's shoulder.

“Hong-sunggoo. You are our director of miscellaneous work.”


“What do you think the role of director of miscellaneous work is?”

What else was it? He was basically an errand boy receiving a high salary.

“I'm in charge of the tedious chores.”

“Do you really think that?”


“Why do you think you are in charge of doing all the small...

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