Chapter 85 Guild Expansion (3).

Chapter 85 Guild Expansion (3).

Chapter 85 - Guild Expansion (3)

Didn't someone say humans were animals that adapted?

Che-haesol proficiently cut open a goblin that had been burnt to death. She pulled out the bloodstone.

“Aigo. I've excavated them all.”

Haesol put the bloodstone inside the bag, then stretched her back.

“Isn't it hard?”


Haesol drank the water bottle that was handed to her by Sunggoo. Woojin had taken the water out from his amazing sub-dimension. It was clean water. She didn't have to worry about contamination. She knew they could get sick if they dared to eat and drink anything inside the Dungeon.

“Hoo. Still, the Reinforcement Stones I ate before I came here helped a lot.”

“Haha. Keep taking whatever he gives you immediately.”

It was Sunggoo's absolute ironclad rule.

Never turn down anything given by Woojin.

You do what he asks, and you don't do anything when he says no.

If one followed this rule, at the very least, one wouldn’t lose one's life.

Not long ago, Sunggoo was able to solo clear a 5 star Dungeon.

The stress and nervousness he had felt that time couldn't be compared to what he felt right now. He felt secure, and it was as if he had come to a picnic with Woojin to this Dungeon.

Still, he wasn't just playing around. He was letting out sweat as he gathered the bloodstones.

Thus, this couldn’t be compared to a picnic. He guessed it was akin to digging for spring herbs?

Anyways, he knew for sure...

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