Chapter 84 Guild Expansion (2).

Chapter 84 Guild Expansion (2).

Chapter 84 - Guild Expansion (2)

An employee from the Secretariat opened the door to a black vehicle.

“I'm here to escort you.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

After exchanging formalities, Minchan entered the car. The man closed the door and got in the driver's seat on the other side.

“Should I take you to your place of residence?”

“No. Please take me to my office.”

“I guess you'll have to move your office soon.”

“Haha. Not yet.”

“You just have to select a site for us.”

“I'll have to listen to the the president's opinion on this matter. Moreover, the contract hasn't been finalized yet.”


Minchan looked at the employee from the Secretariat who had suddenly gone silent. He didn't give it much thought as he looked out the window.

He had negotiated a lot of the agreement at his own discretion. However, he needed Woojin's input on several issues.

If the government announced Alandal as Korea's official Defense guild, he would be promised enormous benefits.

One of the benefits discussed was support and assistance in building the guild. This was only one out of the vast benefits that they would receive. Minchan couldn't help but smile.

‘The president will like it. If we receive this much, he'll accept the proposal.’

As if the Cheongwadae had planned this, they had been ready to give the proposal. They promised to give Alandal vast benefits if Alandal could be counted as an organization that defended the nation. The guild would be placed at an unprecedented position in Korea.

He wanted to tell others this great...

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