Chapter 83 - Guild Expansion

Chapter 83 Guild Expansion.

Chapter 83 - Guild Expansion

"Mmmm. It's something like a encouragement. It basically mean he’s watching this and he wants me to do well?”

"Huh. He says he's dropping out, yet it’s a word of encouragement?”

“Mmm. It's used like that now.”

“Why are all the popular phrases so hard to understand these days?”

“Heh heh. People play like that on the internet.”

Woojin started looking at all the comments after her chapters.

“This guy, Spotted Dog, must be a fan. He kept saying he is dropping out after every chapter.”

“I...I guess so.”

Jiwon let out an awkward laugh.

“This is quite fun. Should I start writing too?”


“Haha. I'm joking. It's a joke. I should start studying the popular slangs.”

Woojin smiled when he thought about Baek-jongdo. When meeting Baek-jongdo in the future, Woojin would be the one teaching him a popular catchphrase.

“Loot at the webtoons. There are a lot of fun stuff here. You'll be very surprised at how creative some of the netizens are."

“Oh. Really?”

Woojin and Jiwon put their heads together and had a fun time looking at their small smartphone.

‘My memories keep popping up in my head. They are still publishing this series.’

They were still publishing the webtoon, 'Sound of the Body'. It was something he read before he had been summoned, and it had brought up old memories. Whenever he recalled his old memories, it would always give Woojin a distant ...

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