Chapter 82 Return (2).

Chapter 82 Return (2).

Chapter 82 - Return (2)

Woojin got off at the shoulder of the road, then he caught a taxi.

“Where do you want to go?”


After he spoke, Woojin sat still as he closed his eyes.

‘From now on….’

First, he would go to his house to see his mother and Sooah, then he would return to the Dungeons. He had to reach level 70. Only then would he be able to calm himself.

Afterwards, he would find a Reset Dungeon and obtain the Dimensional Fragment. He would find the Dungeon that reacted to him and form his Dimensional Domain. Then, he would drill a single entrance into Alphen. Ah, before he does all of that, he had to train Sunggoo. Would he also have to pick a new Roused to groom?

Woojin was in a state of meditation as he organized the thoughts that kept crowding his mind. Soon, the taxi arrived at the destination, which was in front of his house.

“It'll be $25.”

“Huh-uh. That's quite high.”

“It's a service I am doing with my life on the line.”

Woojin got what he was saying, but wasn’t everyone working near a subway station and putting their life on the line? Woojin started searching his pockets and, as if he had just thought about this, had an expression of embarrassment on his face.

Come to think of it, all his possession were inside his trunk, and it was with Minchan.

“I don't have my wallet.”


For a brief moment, the taxi driver's eyelids fluttered. He looked at Woojin with worried eyes....

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