Chapter 81 - Return

Chapter 81 Return.

Chapter 81 - Return

Titan Guild's Private Plane.

When he saw the grandly prepared in-flight meal, Woojin spoke.

“This one is better than Jongdo-hyung's plane.”

Minchan tilted his head in confusion.

Jongdo? Ah… President Baek-jongdo.

Minchan suddenly felt awkward in the current situation.

When they traveled to the US, they had used the KH Guild's private plane. And when they had to return to Korea, the Titan Guild let them borrow their private plane.

They had participated in the consortium, but they had received special treatments. They also made a separate treaty with the Titan Guild.

Their guild were on equal footing… No, Alandal was in the dominant position against America's top guild.

Everything arose with Woojin at the root of it all.

“When I finally think I know you, I find out that I really didn’t.”


Woojin dipped a piece of bread into honey, and ate it in one bite.

Even his action right now was incredible to Minchan.

Minchan thought about it, never having witnessed such luxuries. They were given the the use of chartered airplanes, the best hotels, translators…

Even after given all these luxuries, Woojin took it in stride, in a cool manner. It would be strange not to look at him as if he were amazing.

“President. I honestly feel that you are a really amazing person. It still feel like I'm in a fleeting dream.”

He used to be a team leader in the Hammer Guild, yet he had just negotiated with...

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