Chapter 80 Rashmode (2).

Chapter 80 Rashmode (2).

Chapter 80 - Rashmode (2)

There were only 72 commanders in existence and, as his title implied, Rashmode wasn't an easy opponent. He continuously used Demon Summons to get rid of Woojin's Skeleton army while simultaneously performing dangerous black magic.

“I guess you are getting tired now?”

“Koo koo kook. You shouldn't compare me to you.”

Rashmode snorted in derision. He was tired, but Woojin was in the same boat.

Woojin was drenched in blood, and a haze of heat was rising up from his body. Woojin grinned.

“I'm sure now.”

“Are you trying to bluff me again?”

“You can't use your full power either.”


Rashmode stayed silent as if Woojin's words had hit the mark. Moreover, he realized he had made a mistake. His silence had basically confirmed his opponent's words.

“Koo-kook. Clearly the Link is unstable right now.”

Rashmode acknowledged the point. Woojin frowned.

Link? What was he talking about.

“Still, you also lost your power, the same as me.”

The Immortal had been Initialized.

He could tell that Woojin wasn't the Immortal of the past. The Immortal was barely able to fight off his weakened self. Moreover, Rashmode was slowly gaining the upper-hand.

Woojin's surrounding was filled with broken Skeletons.

“I'm quickly regaining what I have lost.”


Woojin smirked as he looked at the face of Rashmode, who made a re...

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