Chapter 79 - Rashmode

Chapter 79 Rashmode .

Chapter 79 - Rashmode

His rage was expressed as a catastrophe. He swept across the area.

Too too too too!

The propeller spinning on Dolsae's left arm cut a wolf-like monster in half. The propeller was strengthened with magic, so it was akin to spinning blades.

When the blood of the wolf flew everywhere, it signalled the beginning of the battle.


Dolsae let out a roar and headed towards the monsters.

Kwahng, kwahng!

Every time the steel giant took a step, a large crater was formed on the ground. The vibration caused the bolts on his body to fall off in droves.


Dolsae was unreserved even as several hundred monsters all ran at him.

Kwahng! Kwah-jeek!

Every time Dolsae swung his fist, a monster's head exploded. Moreover, the rotating blades broke the formation of the monsters as it cut apart their bodies.


The Missile attached to his back shot high into the sky. It fell and exploded near the rear of the group, the most dense spot of monsters. The members of the Rivers organization, who hadn't had the time to run away, were swept up in the explosion, but Dolsae couldn't stop his destructive instinct.

The Holy Knights looked on dumbly at the sight. Dolsae was going nuts in the midst of the monsters, like a crazy bull.

“Wow. Is he a transformer?”

“What a cool ability!”

Jimmy would throw away his Flight and Quick Sword abilities if he could have such an ability.

They said he was...

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