Chapter 78 - Iron Golem

Chapter 78 Iron Golem.

Chapter 78 - Iron Golem

Too too too too too..

Three helicopters in Titan's possession rose into the air.

Kahng-woojin, the Holy Maiden, Titan's Guild master, and 10 Holy Knights were the only ones being sent on this operation.

Deacon still had a worried expression on his face.

“Will it be ok if we don't have any backup?”

He whispered towards the Holy Maiden.

“It doesn't matter.”

“Still, our fire power….”

The US Roused support team had a little bit of a different way of operating compared to the Korean teams. If observed in microcosm, the Korean support teams were like mercenary bands and a large guild like the Titans were like Army units.

Instead of a small number of Roused, the Titan's team relied on overwhelming firepower to deal with the Dungeon Breaks.

“If it's fire power, that man's familiars is all we need.”

The Holy Maiden still couldn't forget how Woojin used his familiar Lich and the force of Skeleton Magicians. She watched Flame magic fall from the sky like rain. The scene had been too terrible of a disaster to describe it as a spectacular sight.

“I can't call Janice yet.”

Woojin had been disinterestedly looking out the window when he said the words in passing.


“I also can't summon the Lich.”


“They are sealed.”


The Holy Maiden's eyes shook violently when she heard Woojin's words.

Sealed? The Immortal's power? That vast Necromancy magic?

“The Death Knights….”

“Soon, their seals will be released, but I can't call them out yet.”

The warriors that never shedded blood or tears.

The Commanders of the Skeleton Soldiers.

The spearhead of the Undead Army.

If they were still sealed, then...

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