Chapter 77 Mop Up (2).

Chapter 77 Mop Up (2).

Chapter 77 - Mop Up (2)

“It was when the Immortal visited the forest of the Elves...”


“At that time… He was protecting the World Branch....”

“Huh? He died because of me?”


“Did I really do that?”

He propped his chin on one hand. The Holy Maiden tried to help him recall the memory.

“The Death Knight….”

“Ah, Kiba did it.”

Woojin vaguely remembered it. He needed a branch from the World Tree, so he had visited the forest of the elves. Anyways, he had opened up the way by using the Death Knight and his Undead army.

“Jeez. He could have just given me a branch.”

“…It's their mission….”



If he had only wanted a single branch from the World tree in the first place, the Elves would have given it to him. However, he had wanted to uproot the entire tree, so they couldn't standby and allow him to do so.

“What about the Great Scholar? What was his name? Noting...”

“The Great Scholar Nauteus died from an old chronic disease...”


Woojin decided he didn't need to ask what had caused the chronic disease. It would just make the situation needlessly more awkward.

“Ah, it's all right. Why are you looking at me like that?”


Jung-minchan was looking at Woojin with glazed eyes, which drew some ire from Woojin. After giving a fake cough, Minchan...

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