Chapter 76 - Mop Up

Chapter 76 Mop Up.

Chapter 76 - Mop Up


A pin could drop right now, and the sound would be heard loud and clear. The oppressive silence inside the conference hall stopped others from breathing.


A reporter pressed the shutter of his camera by force of habit, and the sound was unusually loud.

As if they were frogs coming out of hibernation, people started to move when they heard the sound. However, no one dared to open their mouth.

“So our mutual non-aggression treaty is broken?”

“How can that be? It isn't anything like that. If I knew this place was Alandal, I would have never stepped a foot in this place.”

Woojin grinned.

Woojin was curious about one thing.

This was the reason why he had come to the US himself.

“Why are you here?”

“My goddess gave me a revelation. She wants me to guide the saviour.”

“Hmmm. This means Aria sent you here?”


However, Melody didn’t show any signs of being angry or disgusted.

He couldn't be compared to someone like her, who was able to hear a goddess' voice.

However, he was someone who had already met face to face with a god.

She bowed her head more in front of him...

“Yes… I'm only a lowly servant. I came here as my goddess decreed… ”

“Ah, it's all right.”

He already knew what she was going to say. Woojin waved his hand at her then he looked at Deacon.

“Let's have a little talk.”

Deacon couldn't understand Woojin's Korean words, so his secretary gave an immediate...

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