Chapter 75 Meeting (2).

Chapter 75 Meeting (2).

Chapter 75 – Meeting (2)

After hearing the news, Melody was so surprised that she went searching for her goddess.

She knelt in front of Aria's statue.

"Oh goddess... That man saved other people."

The unbelievable part was the method that he had used to save the people.

"He... His body... He put his body in front of other people… "

Even as she said it, she couldn't believe her words.

"It might be someone else... Yes. It can't be him… “

Melody's head was dizzy from the confusion. He looked exactly like the Immortal in her memories, yet he did something that she would have never imagined him doing. She was confused as to whether he was the same person or not.

Her anxiety overlapped over more anxiety, and she felt an enormous amount of stress.

“He's someone else. Someone else… ”

She'd rather wished that was the case.

Melody prayed to her goddess, but there was no answer forthcoming.


Minchan wore a clean suit, but his expression looked gloomy. He was waiting for the Titan Guild's car. He had come out ahead of the appointed time.

“Director Jung.”

“Ah, senior vice president Jung.“

Jung-chansung exited the hotel that was across the street. Afterwards, Baek-jungdo appeared, and he greeted Minchan.

“There's no news about Woojin yet?”

“Haha. He'll probably contact us soon.”

“What could go wrong? Isn't he the greatest Roused of Korea? Hahaha.”

“Haha… “

Minchan let out a weak laugh. These people didn't know Woojin's true nature. His President returned alive after being...

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