Chapter 74 - Meeting

Chapter 74 Meeting.

Chapter 74 - Meeting

Woojin tailed him for a long time.

He was already very far from the hotel. Woojin was slowly walking down a backstreet of the inner-city.

The bastard started to take a circuitous route. He must have realized that Woojin was following him.

“I've been found.”

Woojin had nothing more to gain by following him. The man didn't seem dumb enough to go straight to his home base when he knew that Woojin was on his tail.

Woojin agonized over the decision.

He had already stuck Ggaebi on him.

Should he let the bastard go, so Ggaebi could gather information?

It wasn't like Ggaebi was undetectable when he hid inside the shadows. A Roused with great senses would realize that something was amiss.

In fact, acts such as surveillance, tailing and eavesdropping wasn't his forte.

Moreover, he was reluctant to kidnap, incarcerate, and threaten someone...

“I'll just worry about it after I catch him.”

Woojin walked quickly to close the distance with the bastard. When he turned the corner to the alley, Woojin saw a guy holding a large guitar case.

“It's that bastard.”

When Woojin started to gradually close the distance, the bastard turned to look at him.

Both of them stopped walking, and their eyes met.

<Lv 71 Al Assad>

The bastard started running, and Woojin followed him.

“7th Circle?”

This was the first time he had seen a Roused who had past lvl70.

This meant that his opponent was a Rank AA Roused. There were a lot of Roused...

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