Chapter 73 Terror (2).

Chapter 73 Terror (2).

Chapter 73 – Terror (2)

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As soon as he saw the approaching missile, he started running.


Woojin ran towards the window instead of running towards the door.


Woojin’s body broke through the thick window, then he jump as he pushed off the window frame.

Hejumped as he soared through the air.

Woojin headed towards the missile. His shadow rode along the darkness to head towards the laser.

The missile was flying towards him at a high speed, but Woojin only had to travel a short distance. How large would the explosion be? He couldn’t test it inside the hotel since Jung-minchan was there. Moreover, a lot of people were in the vicinity.

When Woojin was in mid-air, he punched the head of the missile.

It would be great if he could change the direction of the missile, but he didn’t care if it didn’t.


The contained energy burst outwards as it caused an explosion. The Soul Armor that was always around Woojin activated much quicker than the explosion. The barrier of Soul was thickest at Woojin’s fist. It created multiple layers to protect his hand.


The incredible explosion was obstructed by the Soul Armor, so the flames exploded up into the...

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