Chapter 71 To the US (3).

Chapter 71 To the US (3).

Chapter 70 – To the US (3)

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“Mr. Kahng-woojin, who is the most popular man right now, came to see our movie. It is really an honor.”

At Cindy’s words, everyone inside the theater turned to look at him. Kahng-woojin let out a bitter smile as he looked at Cindy.

“If you don’t mind me asking, could I bring you up to the front of the stage?”

At Cindy’s words, a staff rapidly approached Woojin. The staff spoke as he bowed towards the audiences sitting close to Woojin.

“Excuse me. Please move for a brief moment. Yes. Excuse me.”

The people sitting next to Woojin all stood up, and they moved into the aisle. They made way, so Woojin could come out. The staff approached Woojin, and he spoke.

“Please come this way.”

I do mind, so fuck off.”


If she already knew she was being a bother then she should have left him alone. Why did she have to annoy him by asking him a favor?

“Tell her I said hello and to fuck off. I’m starting to get annoyed.”

“T…that is…”

“Are my words insufficient?”

When Woojin started gathering his magic, the staff member started feeling a threatening energy, so he started backing off.

“I…I’ll deliver the message.”

The staff member quickly approached Cindy to deliver...

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