Chapter 70 To the US (2).

Chapter 70 To the US (2).

Chapter 70 – To the US (2)

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<You’ve obtained the World’s Water.>

<You’ve obtained Admantium.>

<You’ve obtained a rusty ancient bar of iron…>

<You’ve obtained the highest quality Strength Crystal….>

Woojin licked his lips as he saw his empty inventory space fill up quickly with items. These were rare crafting items that was hard to find even on Alphen yet they were pouring out right now.

The most numerous items were the bars of metal, and magical crystals. However, a large amount of other rare materials was also extracted.

‘If I’m lucky, then I could probably make my old equipment.’

The equipment he had used on Alandal. It aided in his magic, and It also assisted in controlling the Undead. If he could regain all of his equipment, he could probably recreate his Undead Army on earth.

No. He needed it.

There was a limit on how much he can increase his Stat using Bonus Stats and Reinforcement Stones. If he could get all of his equipment, he would be 3 times or more powerful then his normal self.

Woojin looked through Point Store index to find the equipment he had used before.

‘Three million Achievement Points?’

Woojin’s mouth fell open when he saw the price of his old equipment. It wasn’t something he could...

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