Chapter 69 - To the US

Chapter 69 To the US.

Chapter 69 – To the US

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Sunggoo opened the back seat door of his beloved steed, and he let out a scream.

“Ooh-ook. It stinks… What happened?”

Woojin pinched his nose then he took a step back.

“Uh-whew. He made a mess.”

After Haemin looked into the back seat of the car, he shook his head.

Soonghoon was still asleep, but the smoothie inside his intestines was warming up inside of Sunggoo’s car.

“I’ve called for a chauffeur service, president. Let’s go to the main road.” (TLN: can hire someone to drive your car for $$)

Jung-minchan was always quick to act. He looked at Woojin after he finished making a call for a car.

“All right. Everyone won’t be able to fit inside the car… I’ll just take a taxi. I’ll see you tomorrow, Sunggoo.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, director Hong.”

“Please take good care of Mr. Soonghoon.”

Woojin, Minchan and Haemin left side by side. Sunggoo looked at the back seat with tears in his eyes.

“Hoo-hook. I’m sorry… Hoo-hook..”

He didn’t know if Soonghoon was in a drunken stupor or he was talking in his sleep. Sunggoo felt sorry for him, and he also felt annoyed….

“My Boongboong… Boongboong….” (TLN: nickname for car)

It hadn’t been too long...

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