Chapter 68 Hero’s Mentality (2).

Chapter 68 Hero’s Mentality (2).

Chapter 68 – Hero’s Mentality (2)

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The grilled beef entrails quickly disappeared, and several rounds of alcohol was passed around. Several people were drunk, and their faces were red.

This was especially true for Woo-soonghoon. He had drunk faster than anyone else, and his eyes were already half closed.“Ooh ooh. President is quite strong against alcohol.”

Woo-soonghoon, who had bragged about playing around a little in the past, couldn’t hold his liquor. He wagged his tongue towards Woojin. Woojin drank his soju, and his expression didn’t change at all.

Woojin grinned.

If he compared soju to Alphen’s alcohol, it was like drinking water.

“Hook hook. President drinks alcohol well, so why did you hit me??”

“Hey. Why are you being like this?”

Sunggoo and Haemin tried to hold back Woo-soonghoon as they were mindful of Woojin.

“It hurt. So what if I overpriced the hand phones I sold? It happens! Hoo-ook.”


Should he feel regret about not killing that bastard?

Sunggoo and Haemin saw Woojin’s expression turn sour, so they quickly put Woo-soonghoon inside the car. When Soonghoon was leaned against the back seat, he immediately fell asleep.

“Ooh whew.”

Sunggoo laid Soonghoon down, then he asked a question using his liquid courage.

“So, hyung-nim.”

“Uh, what?”

“I worry you don’t pay enough attention to...

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