Chapter 67 - Hero’s Mentality

Chapter 67 Hero’s Mentality.

Chapter 67 – Hero’s Mentality

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It was late in the day, so most of the newly hired employees had clocked out. The several employees that were still in the office was told leave for the day. It had been very busy recently, so they hadn’t had the chance to go out for a company dinner yet. The founding members decided to go out for dinner, which would also serve as a drinking party.


“Aikoo. My baby is here?”

The congenial grandmother from the shanty town was still there, and Sunggoo helped her as if this was his own store. He started placing the basic side dishes on the table. They were the only customers in this old restaurant, so the atmosphere was chilly.

Jung-minchan was the first to open his mouth.

“President. Are you sure you don’t have to go?”

“I’m not going, so why do you keep asking me?”

He asked since his phone’s inbox was burning up.

Jung-minchan took care of most of the external business of the guild, so his hand phone was continuously vibrating.

“Isn’t it an appointment with the President?”

“I never promised I will go. They just decided on their own that I needed to go. Do I have to...

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