Chapter 66 Unexpected Loot (2).

Chapter 66 Unexpected Loot (2).

Chapter 66 – Unexpected Loot (2)

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Woojin walked out of the underground tunnel.

“Please stop!”

Somehow, Che-haesol had found Woojin. She ran towards him, and she blocked his path. She was still grimacing as if the pain hadn’t subsided yet.

“Please stop. It isn’t too late. We can still mend this.”

Che-haesol meant what she said. A war would erupt if events continued to progress like this. She had to prevent such an event from happening. Che-haesol spoke with utmost sincerity.

“This isn’t the way. Please stop.”

She really felt that way. A war meant tens of thousands of people would have to sacrifice their lives. She wanted to stop such an appalling tragedy from happening at all cost.

Woojin looked at her with a non-committal expression.

Haesol studied Woojin’s expression, and the light in her eyes shook.

“N…no way!”

He had already made a mess. Kim-jungun was dead.

Strength left her legs. Ah, another blood storm will rage.

She had made a mistake. She shouldn’t have asked Guild Alandal to clear Pyongyang’s 6 star Dungeon.

Haesol was in a daze as she flopped down on the floor. Woojin secretly smiled when he saw this.

“He isn’t dead yet.”

“Really? You did well… Yet? Are you still planning on killing him?”

Haesol swallowed her saliva.

“Well, I’ll see what ha...

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