Chapter 65 - Unexpected Loot

Chapter 65 Unexpected Loot.

Chapter 65 – Unexpected Loot

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The atmosphere was grave. When Woojin took a step out of the entrance, the soldiers took a hesitant step backwards.

“Tell that pig bastard to come out.”


At Woojin’s words, the North Korean officials, the members of the South Korean delegation, and the foreign reporters all thought of a single person in their head.

Moreover, they felt shocked by the conviction behind his words.

Woojin’s words were basically a declaration of war. Moreover, he said it in the heart of North Korea.

“If he doesn’t come out, then I’ll go to him.”

When Woojin took another step forward, the soldiers reflexively got in his way. Their eyes were filled with terror, and Woojin’s indifferent eyes swallowed their terror.

Woojin was about to raise his hand when a cat jumped out from behind him.

“Uh-whew. Master uses too much brute force-ahong.”

Bibi stood ahead of Woojin, and she wave her cute pink paw. Bibi’s body shuddered, and black flower petals scattered like snow towards the people gathered around the site.


All the soldiers and the reporters slowly closed their eyes, and they slid to the floor.

“That wasn’t nece...

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