Chapter 64 Shout from Pyongyang (4).

Chapter 64 Shout from Pyongyang (4).

Chapter 64 – Shout from Pyongyang (4)

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Che-haesol had been on standby.

Woojin’s eyes widened when he saw her. As soon as she saw saw him, she got on her knees.

“Huh? Why are you being like this?”

“Please heed my request.”

“What is it?”

“Even if it is one hour, could you not rest for a little bit before you go?”


Every time he came out of the Dungeon Lieutenant Haesol tried to grab him. However, she clung to him more desperately today.

“Jeez. I told you I’m fine.”

“The political climate right now isn’t good. Please think about your home country and rest a little bit.”

What nonsense is she talking about? When Woojin tilted his head in confusion, Haesol looked around her surrounding, then she approached Woojin to speak into his ears.

“North Korea wants to extensively advertise this successful Dungeon raid. South Korea wants to package it as a North & South joint operation.”

“Then just go with that.”

Woojin had a “So what?” expression on his face.

“Please come with me.”

“I have to return to the Dungeon. You take care of the politics..”

Che-haesol had an almost tearful expression on her face.

The most important person in these proceedings wasn’t showing his face at all. Couldn’t he at least take couple pictures with the others?

Woojin decided to be considerate...

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