Chapter 63 Shout from Pyongyang (3).

Chapter 63 Shout from Pyongyang (3).

Chapter 63 – Shout from Pyongyang (3)

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It is a miraculous fragment making up the material world.

It is an ingredient used to make the Dimensional Domain.


Woojin stroked his chin. He held up the bright purple gem, and he looked it over. However, no more information popped up.

“Bibi. Do you know anything about the Dimensional Domain?”

“Oing? I have no idea.”

This was the first time Bibi had heard about it, so Woojin didn’t ask any further questions. He wouldn’t get any answer from worrying over it, so he decided it would be better to ignore it.

He put the Dimensional Fragment into his inventory. Then he walked away with the Return Stone in his hand. It was time for him to exit the Dungeon.


The barrier was disappearing.

The eyes of the two North Korean soldiers guarding the entrance to the Gwangmyung Station widened.

“Hey, look at that. What is that?”

“Uh-hook. The barrier is disappearing.”

“That son of a bitch from South Korea really succeeded. Hurry up and report it to our superior.”

While the North Korean soldiers moved busily, foreign reporters were hiding nearby. They took pictures of Woojin walking up the stairs. They raised their...

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