Chapter 62 Shout from Pyongyang (2).

Chapter 62 Shout from Pyongyang (2).

Chapter 62 – Shout from Pyongyang (2)

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The pointless waiting filled Woojin with anger.

‘Who is this pig?’

This was Woojin’s first impression after seeing Kim-jongun, who was the successor of Kim-jongil. The young dictator had a weird hair style, and he pushed his hand out towards Woojin, who was younger than him.

“Nice to meet you, comrade. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Yeah. Nice to meet you.” (TLN: Lost in translation. He is talking as an equal. Informal.)

When Woojin shook hands face to face with Kim-jungun, the North Korean officials, who showed up with him, frowned in anger.

“Comrade. He is the chairman. Be careful with your words..”

At his words, Woojin raised his hand to cover his mouth.

“Nice to meet you, Jungun-ah.”


Kim-jungun, who was directly involved, froze. The North Korean officials, who came with him, and Che-haesol, who came with Woojin, also froze.

‘Ah, it was a mistake. This was a mistake.’

Che-haesol was regretting everything. Woojin hadn’t cared about the recording cameras when he slapped Hwarang’s guild master’s cheeks. She hadn’t prepared for such a situation.

She was in the wrong in thinking he would show some manners towards North Korea’s supreme commander.

No, she wasn’t in the...

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