Chapter 61 - Shout from Pyongyang

Chapter 61 Shout from Pyongyang.

Chapter 61 – Shout from Pyongyang

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Sahdahng Station’s Cafe Angel Angel.


Even Do-jiwon wondered if she had heard wrong.

“Where are you going?”


“…in North Korea?”

“That’s right. I’ll be back after I smash a Dungeon. That’s not the important thing. Should we do a meet and greet with our families?”


How did going to Pyongyang become an unimportant matter? Moreover, he wanted our families to meet and greet….

Jiwon was confused as to how she should accept this request.

“Let’s just eat some food. I heard you quit work?”

“Uh? Yeah. I’ve already repaid most of my debt…”

“You have debts?”

“It was from the hospital fees incurred when I was hurt.”

The Dungeon Shock happened when she was 19 years old.

Her parents passed away, and she had received a big injury… She didn’t know how the world worked, so she incurred debt from various places. If her face hadn’t been hurt, then she could have probably earned the money easily. However, she would have been led down a bad path.

“Is that so? Then what are you going to do? Do you want to come work for me in my guild?...

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