Chapter 60 The Meaning of Family (3).

Chapter 60 The Meaning of Family (3).

Chapter 60 – The Meaning of Family (3)

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This was the 4th day she guarded the house without her master.

Bibi let out a sigh.


The little human still kept bugging her to play. Her master dropped off a dog, and he hadn’t been home for two days.

The little human cried that the dog was already too big. Moreover, she still pointed the laser pointer and the fishing rod towards her.

Still, the middle of the day was her free time, since the little human was at kindergarten. The great mother, who gave birth to her master, went out today, so she didn’t’ have to keep the pretense up.

She looked looked like a cat, but she didn’t have to act like a cat. Bibi opened the refrigerator, then she took out a salmon.

Since she had materialized into this body model, her appetite and behavior followed some weird instinct.

She was ripping open the wrap covering the salmon when that bastard approached her.

“Grrrrr. Kuhng, kuhng.”

“Eh-whew. Get away from me-ahong..”

Bibi chased away the annoying dog.

He was a pain in the ass left here by her master.

He was only a dog yet the bastard was larger than her. It seemed the little human had wanted a small dog.

“Ooh-roo-roong, kuhng.”

“Go away, Noorungah-ahong.” (TLN:Dog name is Noorung, generic name usually given to yellow-brown...

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