Chapter 59 The Meaning of Family (2).

Chapter 59 The Meaning of Family (2).

Chapter 59 – The Meaning of Family (2)

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Vivian Rodrio

She was born in the demon world where only darkness existed. She was able to see the world for the first time when she made a contract with her master, Kahng-woojin.

Her master was strong, and his other familiars were also amazing.

Alandal’s power soared high into the sky, and Trahnet’s minions were no match for them. There were also a lot of followers who came looking for the Immortal’s land.

During all of this, her master had learned of a way to contact the Dimensional Guardian, and everything ended after that.

She waited for a long time in the Sealed Room where there was only darkness.

Bibi was the first one to hear Woojin’s voice again.

This wasn’t Alphen. It was earth, but she didn’t care.

Wherever Woojin went, that was the place where Bibi wanted to be.

This was her master’s new roosting place.

She lived with the great female human, who had given birth to her master, and master’s younger sister.

Her master had left after putting her in the care of a young female human named Kahng-sooah. She had always been with her master, since she had to chase away the evil spirits that tormented her master every night. However, she wasn’t able to follow him on his hunt anymore.

If her master hunted with her than her...

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