Chapter 58 - The Meaning of Family

Chapter 58 The Meaning of Family.

Chapter 58 – The Meaning of Family

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“Assault? I did?”

Yes, president. You beat him up on a live national broadcast.

However, Minchan didn’t reply with those words.

Woojin frowned when everyone stayed silent.

“Didn’t I touch his cheeks slightly? I heard from Haemin that it was shown on tv for only a brief moment.”

Even if it was shown for only a moment, it didn’t change the fact that it was an assault….

Soonghoon was experienced with Woojin touching his cheeks. He shuddered as his face became rigid.

“Huh. Maybe I should have just killed him.”

The cameras had been rolling, so he had held himself back a little bit…

He thought his message had been sufficiently received, so he hadn’t expected to be reported for assault.

It seemed the Hwarang guild master wanted to continue to tangle with him.

Someone had to die to end a grudgeful relationship, and Woojin was always alive at the end.

“Hey, Sunggoo. You’ll have to drive me.”

“Hyung-nim. If you want to go to the police station, you can go in...

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