Chapter 57 Director Hong-sunggoo (2).

Chapter 57 Director Hong-sunggoo (2).

Chapter 57 – Director Hong-sunggoo (2)

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“That’s enough. Come over here.”

“Huk, huk. Thank you for your hard work.”

His mind and body was very tired, but Sunggoo still bowed first. Woojin grinned when he saw this. This is why he liked this guy.

Sungoo was hurt in various locations, and blood was coming out of the wounds.

Woojin sent one soul that was part of his Spirit Armor towards Sunggoo to heal his wounds.

“Hoo. Thank you.”

Sunggoo’s wound was healed. As his stamina returned, a little bit of color returned to his face.

Woojin brought out two Skill Books.

“Just learn these first.”


Sunggoo received the two books. His eyes widened when he felt the quiet magical energy being emitted by the books.

“Hyung-nim. Aren’t these Skill Books?”

“That’s right. It’s Accelerate and Steel Skin.”

Accelerate increased one’s quickness for a brief moment. He already possessed the armors with the Skill, yet he was lucky enough to pick up the Skill Book within the Naga Dungeon.

Then he found the Steel Skin inside the Temple of the...

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