Chapter 56 - Director Hong-sunggoo

Chapter 56 Director Hong-sunggoo.

Chapter 56 – Director Hong-sunggoo

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The altar for the goddess Aria was made.

Earth’s sculpting techniques were amazing, so the sculpture described by Melody was completed within a day.

Melody prayed every day in front of the goddess’ marble statue.

Hamilton quietly approached her.

She didn’t need the wheel chair anymore. If she wanted to go somewhere, her two legs were good enough to get her there.

She was a doctor of psychology. She had always believed in the will of a person. However, she had become a fervent believer of the goddess now.

“Holy Maiden. The guild master is here for a visit.”


When she heard Hamilton’s polite words, Melody spoke as she got up from her knees. She still borrowed her goddess’ voice to communicate with others.

If a person didn’t accept and believe the goddess Aria, one couldn’t communicate or receive miracles from Melody. One wouldn’t be able to receive her blessing.

Melody gently smiled as she looked at Hamilton.

[In the near future, the goddess’ blessing will be with you.]

“Oh, good heavens. Thank you very much.”

Hamilton’s body shook. She followed...

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