Chapter 55 Topic (3).

Chapter 55 Topic (3).

Chapter 55 – Topic (3)

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“Ah, I’m tired.”

He had driven back from Daegoo. He also had to drive Do-jiwon to Sahdahng, and it had tired him out.

Moreover, he had been really nervous about the passenger next to him.

She was none other than Kahng-woojin’s woman.

Even Woo-soonghoon, who had a lot of experience dealing with pretty women, had never seen such a beautiful woman. He was in a constant state of nervousness as he shared the same space within the car.

Woo-soonghoon massaged his sore shoulders. He took a shower then he opened a can of beer as he sat on his sofa.

“Ha-ah. Is there anything fun on tv?”

As he was flipping through the tv channel, he stopped when he saw the press conference held by Alandal and the Hwarang guild. Since it was his guild, it caught his eyes.

“Ha. They are trying to bite him like dogs.”

Soonghoon saw the reporters ask a torrent of questions, and Woojin looked at the reporters indifferently. It made him feel a weird sense of incongruity.

“His temper is really dirty…”

Even kings were cussed at when they weren’t present. Soonghoon knew better than anyone that Woojin had a really bad temper.

He had set up the events to be considerate of...

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