Chapter 54 Topic (2).

Chapter 54 Topic (2).

Chapter 53 – Topic (2)

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Mido High school.

There weren’t much time left until the CSAT, so the hallway in front of the 3rd year classes were much quieter than usual.

Lee-soolgi was approaching Do-jaemin from the opposite side of the hallway. His face automatically wore a nervous expression.

“Hey, Soolgi. Hello?”

“Yeah. Hello, Jaemin.”

Soolgi laughed gaily when Jaemin awkwardly waved his hand. When Jaemin walked past her, it felt as if a heavy boulder fell on top of his heart.

No. It felt as if his heart was in a free-fall.

‘Ah, Dojaemin. You idiot.’

Even if he kicked himself, it was already too late. After that day, he felt an indescribable sense of distance from her. She was much prettier than before. She laughed more frequently, but he felt something was missing.

He was so out of it that he wasn’t able to focus on his studies, and he feebly passed the time.

Before Jaemin’s tutoring school class started, he opened his hand phone. As a habit, he opened his internet browser, then he shook his head when he read the posted articles .

“I would have never guess this hyung was such an amazing person.”

He had looked like a homeless bum, but now it felt like he was some rich heir.

[An Unprecedented Event. Two Person Party clearing 6 star Dungeon.]

[Hwarang Guild’s Vice President Lee-yunhwee’s Mysterious...

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