Chapter 53 - Topic

Chapter 53 Topic.

Chapter 53 – Topic

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Jookjun Station’s 3rd exit.

“Doesn’t this mean it’s safe if the barrier is gone? We received an official request to come help here. The Alandal guild members have the right to pass through. Please let us in.”


Jung-michan pushed past the flustered soldier, and he walked forward by force. Sunggoo and Haemin used this opportunity to jump after Minchan, and Woo-soonhoon also followed after them.

“Get out of my way.”

Lee-sahngho ordered the soldiers in anger, and they unconsciously stepped back. Jiwon also used this opportunity to head past the first line.

“Ah ah….”

Tears were streaming down Jiwon’s face. Her eyes picked up Woojin figure. Blood was staining various parts of his body. Moreover, there was a deep sword wound on his face…

Jiwon ran forward as tears fell down her face.


Kahng-woojin blinked his eyes when he saw Jung-minchan, Hong-sunggoo, Kim-haemin and Woo-soonghoon run towards him.

“Uh? When did you guys get here?”

“We came here as soon as we saw the news.”

“Ah, is that so? I dropped my hand phone somewhere around here. Help me look for it..”

Ah. Currently, the whole nation was in a state of unrest because...

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