Chapter 52 Tareut’s Plateau (3).

Chapter 52 Tareut’s Plateau (3).

Chapter 52 – Tareut’s Plateau (3)

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“Is this the Temple of the Giants?”

At Woojin’s words, Bibi’s mouth dropped open as she took in the sight in front of her eyes.

“Ooh-wahng. I would believe it if someone told me this was a tomb.”

“…chet. Maybe.”

Woojin swallowed dryly as he looked at the statues ranging from several hundred to several thousand in number.

“Let’s go there first.”

Woojin returned ShingShing, then he walked with Bibi. Dolsae, the twitching ball of light, sat on top of Bibi’s head.

“Could these be used to make a golem?”

The best way to find an answer to a question was to just do it. Woojin pointed with his finger. Dolsae flew towards a statue then he absorbed himself into it. The Statue shifted, and the body started to move.

“Oh, it’s working… Nope.”

Dolsae was flung out of the statue. Woojin frowned when he saw this.


A dejected Dolsae was hugged by Bibi. The statue was already being controlled by something else, so Dolsae...

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