Chapter 51 Tareut’s Plateau (2).

Chapter 51 Tareut’s Plateau (2).

Chapter 51 – Tareut’s Plateau (2)

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On top of a tall tree, a person was hanging off of it.


The forest was burning. The body of flame raged harshly, and acrid smoke filled the air.

“This is the first time I’ve seen someone crazier than me.”

Lee-yunhwee admitted it without much difficulty.

He was a crazy bastard. The Dungeon Break would be happening soon, yet he could leisurely enjoy his hunt inside the Dungeon. Moreover, he set the forest on fire.

Kang-woojin was a crazy bastard. She was sure of it.

“I have to hurry up and find it, so I could get away.”

Clearing the Dungeon wasn’t that hard. At the very least, that was what Lee-yunhwee had thought.

She just had to carry the Return Stone back to the barrier, then she could exit the Dungeon after opening the barrier.

There is the matter of the final boss, but Lee-yunhwee was confident in herself.

She wasn’t confident that she would be able to face the monsters. She was confident she could steal and runaway with the Return Stone in secret.

She was confident in her skill to move covertly. This was why she was called the Shadow Hunter.

She travelled away from the fire, then she approached the center of the forest. Lee-yunhwee looked at the far-away canyon as she guessed her location.

“It should be around here.”

When the Jookjung Station’s 3rd exit...

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