Chapter 50 - Tareut’s Plateau

Chapter 50 Tareut’s Plateau.

Chapter 50 – Tareut’s Plateau

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Woojin brought a boulder that weighed about the same as him.

“Try throwing it.”


Dolsae used all his might, but it fell way short of reaching the land across the divide. It was possible to throw 200m across, but it required much more strength to throw something 300m high.

“Wait a second.”

Woojin add 9 Skill Points to the Golem Summon Skill. He upped it to 10.

Meditation is used to summon the Golem’s heart, which creates the body.

Depending on the Summoner’s Loyalty and Trust, the Required Control is decreased. The summoned being needing control by the Summoner may be reformed into a true companion.

Possible Medium: Dirt, Boulder, ? (lv 20 Cancel)

Magic Consumption : 30, Needed Control 0(-99 Loyalty, -99 Trust)



The light swept over Dolsae several times, and his body started to grow rapidly. His height almost reached 8 meters. Woojin grabbed his neck as he tried to look up at Dolsae.

“Hey, Dolsae. Let’s go eat some boulders.”


The dirt making up Dolsae’s body fell away. It was like 10 dump trucks pouring dirt at the same time. Woojin jumped away with Bibi in hand as they avoided the dir...

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