Chapter 49 Dungeon Break (3).

Chapter 49 Dungeon Break (3).

Chapter 49 – Dungeon Break (3)

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As soon as Woojin came out of the portal, he became vigilant of his surrounding.

The last team to come had hurriedly escaped through the portal while being chased by enemies. There were signs of a struggle, and he saw several corpses of monsters sparsely scattered about the surrounding.


He glimpsed the goblins between the trees, so Woojin quickly summoned his Bone Spears.

Shoo-ooh-oohng, Puk!


The Bone Spear immediately flew towards the 3 hidden goblins, and it killed all three at once. He looked around the surrounding, and he expanded his senses. However, he couldn’t feel any more living beings.

The upper predators must backed off, and the goblins were left as scouts.

Most of the corpses in the surrounding was goblins, but there were also two trolls. Troll corpses were quite valuable. The fact that the previous groups weren’t able to harvest it meant they had been quite hasty in their retreat.

“Didn’t they say the last team was from Japan?”

Woojin tried to take out the printed data from his pocket, but it wasn’t there. He searched his other pocket, and his hand phone was gone.

“Ah. I can’t bring stuff from outside.”

Woojin’s clothes didn’t disappear since it was made from materials found in the Dungeons. The Roused, who regularly...

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