Chapter 48 Dungeon Break (2).

Chapter 48 Dungeon Break (2).

Chapter 48 – Dungeon Break (2)

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Woo-soonghoon didn’t drive his car straight to Daegoo. Woojin was taken to Seoul’s Roused Management Bureau. The building next to the Management Bureau was the headquarters for the Special Defense Brigade. They were a branch of the Ministry of National Defense.

When Soonghoon stopped his car in front of the headquarters, a soldier was waiting in the front for them.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Lieutenant Che-haesol of the Special Defense Brigade”

“Pleased to meet you. My name is Kang-woojin.”

After greeting Woojin, Che-haesol looked towards Woo-soonghoon.

“I will be the one guiding you now. Your companion may return.”


“Yes, president.”

Woojin followed after Che-haesol, and he was guided into the headquarters. The Special Defense Brigade was an army unit, but they didn’t seem too stiff. The passerbys wore military uniforms, but it felt like he had stepped into a normal company.

“So, do I have to go greet the general?”

“No. After handling several administrative businesses, we will leave immediately. We don’t have a lot of time, so I’ll brief you on the go.”

“Sure. Whatever.”

Woojin was led by Lieutenant Che-haesol, and he had to take several tests. They checked his eyesight, and his blood was drawn.

Woojin had to make several demonstrations of his abilities, and he also gave descriptions of his abilities.

Haesol smiled as she spoke to Woojin.

“Mr. Woojin is quite...

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