Chapter 47 - Dungeon Break

Chapter 47 Dungeon Break.

Chapter 47 – Dungeon Break

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She walked with her hat pull over her head. She unconsciously smiled.

“He’s quite whimsical.”

He put on a mask all of a sudden, and he took her on a date.

It had been a long time since she had fun without worry about anything… Her heart was still beating fast from the excitement.

He seemed indifferent yet he also seemed to care. It somehow made her heart race.


[Don’t shampoo for a day. The medicine will be washed away. Just sleep.]

“Pfft. What the heck?.”

Is he trying open a beauty parlor? When the unexpected fireworks went off, and the people crowded around the two of them, Woojin gave her was some kind of medicine as a present. He applied it on her head.

At first, it stung like medication for mosquito bites. However, she felt a refreshing feeling afterwards, and now it cleared her mind.

Jiwon sent a reply as she laughed.

[Yes, yes. Thank you for the good time today. Beautician-nim should hurry on in and rest.]

“Heh heh.”

She had come home fairly early, so when Jiwon arrived at the dorm, Haejin and Nayoung was about to head out for their night shift.

“Uh? Are you guys going to work now?”


Haejin and Nayoung didn’t respond to Jiwon’s word. They left after they got ready. Jiwon shrugged her shoulders...

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