Chapter 46 Regeneration Salve (4).

Chapter 46 Regeneration Salve (4).

Chapter 46 – Regeneration Salve (4)

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It was quiet inside the taxi. Woojin asked a question as he looked at Jiwon’s uncomfortable figure.

“Why were you avoiding my calls?”

“Uh? Just…”

Was there a word that was more ambiguous than the word ‘just’?

“Do I make you feel uncomfortable?”

“N…no. It isn’t like that.”

She was nervous instead of uncomfortable.

She might come to like him.

She felt nervous at the prospect of starting to like him, when she wasn’t qualified to do so.

She was forcing herself to ignore him, but he came here to find her…

“So what’s the real reason why you are here?”

“No reason. I just had something to give you, and since I’m here, I might as well go on a date.


Ah. Too many surprising events kept happening to her one after another, so she was dazed.

“We’re here. Let’s go.”

She got off when she heard Woojin’s words, and she realized she was at downtown Pyeongtaek. There were too many people here, so she’d never been here before.

“It’s a little bit too early to eat dinner, so let’s go watch a movie.”

“Woojin. This place is a little bit…”

Woojin spoke as he looked at her.

“What? Is it because there are a lot of people here?”

“Uh? Yes.”

“Are you that worried about other people’s gazes?”


How can she not...

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