Chapter 45 Regeneration Salve (3).

Chapter 45 Regeneration Salve (3).

Chapter 45 – Regeneration Salve (3)

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“There are a lot of flashy techniques, but the basic foundation is sincerity and emotiveness. I have the answer for this situation. You have to try to break through to her by forcing the issue.”

Woo-soonghoon spoke passionately as if this personally concerned him. Soonghoon called Jaemin to find out when his noonah would get off work, then he looked at the clock.

“We’ll barely make it, president. Why don’t we start moving first?”

“Where are we going?”

“Everything about president is perfect, but… Your style is a bit… How about doing a make-over so the women would like you more?”

He wanted to apply some medicine on her, so why did he need to dress up for it? Well, it was the weekend, so it would be okay if he took a break.

“Let’s go.”

Sunggoo didn’t have anything to do, so he followed Woojin and the excited Woo-soonghoon to the department stone.

“Our time is tight, so let’s clean you up first.”

As a new Rank A roused, he had societal recognition and fame. It was his first visit to the department store, but Kang-woojin was made a VIP. The department store’s VIP employee welcomed Woojin, and she guided him to the VIP lounge.

The private...

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