Chapter 44 Regeneration Salve (2).

Chapter 44 Regeneration Salve (2).

Chapter 44 – Regeneration Salve (2)

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After she finished her shift, Jiwon returned to the dormitory, then she fell immediately into her bed.


The company had originally been a small one, but it had prospered from the Dungeon business. Everyday her workload increased, and each day felt more daunting as time passed.

The door to the dormitory opened. Her roommates, Haejin and Nayoung, came in.

“Uh-whew. Unni did a good job.”

“Yes. You guys also did a good job.”

Haejin and Nayoung were both 21 years old. Jiwon was a 24 year old unni, but they weren’t comfortable with the age difference. They might also be uncomfortable with her appearance. They got along well with each other, and they excluded her.

“Unni. We will wash first.”

“Yeah. You guys do that.”

Jiwon opened her hand-phone to take a brief break. After a hard day of work, she always read webtoons for a brief respite. Then she read short romance novellas.

“Hoo hoo.”

Jiwon let her imagination run wild as she thought of herself as the protagonist inside her romance novella.

The sudden Dungeon Shock kill her parents during the 3rd year of her high school.

After the Dungeon Shock, the subsequent Dungeon Breaks put Seoul into turmoil. Jiwon had almost died on that day, but she was barely saved by an unknown Roused.

She remembered the Roused’s face, but she didn’t...

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